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From spring to børding

In 1998 managing director Alexander R. Petsch founded spring Messe Management GmbH with the three business divisions sponsoring (among others for Ferrari Deutschland GmbH or the University of Mannheim), stand construction (among others for BASF / Emtec and Alcatel) as well as trade fair concepts. In June 2000 jump started with its first own fair, the "Zukunft Kommune". The "Zukunft Personal" followed in November.

After the success of these two first events, it soon became clear that in future it was only intended to concentrate on the organisation of trade fairs: Creating new trade fairs and taking over and further developing existing ones became the company's core business. 2001 followed the Personal Swiss - trade fair for personnel management in Zurich, and the Swiss subsidiary spring Messe AG (Switzerland) was founded in 2006. At the height of its development, around 20 trade fairs were part of the portfolio of the 100-employee company.


At the end of June 2012, Deutsche Messe AG acquired a majority stake in spring Messe Management GmbH. The trade fair business of the Swiss company spring messe AG (Switzerland) remained entirely with the founder Alexander R. Petsch. spring Messe AG (Switzerland) with its 35 employees at that time became børding messe AG to avoid confusion. In 2015, the remaining shares were also sold to Deutsche Messe AG and the separation was completed in full.


The core business of børding messe is exhibition activities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is one of the largest private trade fair organisers in Switzerland. The aim of børding is to further develop the content of its projects and make them the leading trade fair in their respective markets.



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børding before - børding now!

børding used to be a fashion label from Mannheim, known far beyond the borders. Inspired by the founding spirit and ideas of the fashion label, børding messe has set itself the goal of reviving this name and bringing it back to life: In the 1990s, børding made a name for itself as a progressive and inspiring streetwear brand, which achieved recognition not only for its snowboard, surf and clubwear, but also for its forward-looking ideas. 15 years ago, for example, the label organized innovative contests and sporting events such as the "Snowboard High Jumps". The string pullers behind børding did not come from the third generation of a large family of fashion entrepreneurs, but started to spread their new ideas "small out of the garage".


What will børding mean in the future? We want to continue this spirit: We want to "bring people on board", pick them up and take them along to share our ideas and visions. We want to go further along tried and tested paths, but also dedicate ourselves to new paths, test limits and, if necessary, even cross them.