Our values

In a place where many people meet, it is important to have values for orientation. We at børding have developed our values together and live them.

"Dynamic!" "Extrovert!" "Performance-oriented!" "Reliable!"

These are keywords that distinguish both our company and our employees. To ensure that both the social and work-related cooperation of such a multifaceted and multicultural team runs smoothly, we attach particular importance to our values.

We have done a lot for our success. But in order to continue our successful development in the future, we need a committed team. We must be able to rely on every single employee. Team spirit is essential for our work. However, it is important to us that every employee can live his or her individuality and remain authentic. As a company that employs people from many different nations, respectful and appreciative cooperation is indispensable. This is the only way we can work together in a spirit of trust. For us, dealing with responsibility is not a question of age or hierarchy level.

We expect every employee to be willing to take responsibility and work independently. We are aware of our ambitious goals. To achieve these goals, we invest a lot in our work and identify with it. However, we do not limit ourselves to our project, but also try to support colleagues on their way to success. Helpfulness is an important value for us and we try to live it in everyday life. We are in a constant process and are constantly learning new things. We are not perfect, but we are working to become even better.

Respect & Appreciation



Team spirit

Readiness to help

Work-related cooperation