Stephanie Flores Gil

At børding, everyone takes responsibility from day one and thus has the opportunity to prove themselves and work their way upwards. It was the same with me: I started as an intern in 2014, was then taken on as a project assistant and am now in charge of the project. 

This requires a great deal of personal responsibility. What I also think is great: new employees are not simply assigned to just any team. The management attaches great importance to cooperation and the appropriate employee constellations in the individual teams. Cohesion and mutual support are also high across projects. Nowhere else have I experienced such great cooperation between all levels of the hierarchy as here.

Stephanie Flores Gil,
Project manager

I joined børding in May 2017. I felt the previous application process very transparent. The interviews were very open and all had a pleasant character.

In the initial phase I received a lot of helpful support, but from the very beginning I had a lot of personal responsibility.

Very early on I was able to work very independently and on my own responsibility, which showed me that a lot of trust is placed in me here.

Nevertheless, you can always count on the help and support of superiors and colleagues.

The colleagues and the general cooperation are cordial and very pleasant. So being a part of børding is desirable in many ways!

Janis Krziwanie,

As an employee from the very beginning, I am indebted to my former employer. Already during my training I took on an unbelievable number of responsibilities and was always challenged, but also supported. My current independence is based on the knowledge that I owe to the founder and managing director. He taught me a lot about decisions, responsibility and a positive error culture. It still impresses me today that employees of whatever gender, wherever they come from or however old they are, have the same starting point. I have rarely seen a company that offers its employees all development opportunities - beyond hierarchies and backgrounds. Those who are not afraid of the customer and do not perceive the service to the customer (sales) as an evil, but as an opportunity, are lucky if they are allowed to get involved. I am proud to be a part of your DNA.

Natascha Hoffner,
Former apprentice, project assistant, project manager and managing director, today founder of GmbH based in the east of Munich